Size 19 x 24 cm
Pages 224
Italian edition Feltrinelli

100 philosophers'stories for curious kids

Umberto Galimberti
Irene Merlini
Maria Luisa Petruccelli
Illustrazioni a cura di Isabella Bersellini, Nanà Dalla Porta, Anna Grimal López, Gaia Inserviente, Chiara Luzi, Giorgia Marras, Anna Masini, Marta Pantaleo, Giulia Tomai, Lucilla Tubaro, Giulia Tomai

If you think that philosophy is a boring and abstract subject and that philosophers are people living outside the world, this book will show you the opposite. Through 100 philosophers’ stories from anywhere and anytime, you will discover that philosophy is more alive and concrete. Does an empty box hold anything or is it completely empty? Try to fill it with sand and beat it: what do you hear? And if you empty it, can you hear the same? By starting from experiences and arguments easily to be understood even by children, each story throws down a gauntlet and we can meet the challenge through the reasoning of a great philosopher. Thanks to Socrates, Hypatia, Kant, Voltaire and 96 other philosophers from anywhere and anytime, we will learn to think about several issues, from natural events to human nature, from language to love, to the existence of God. It’s a book for both children and adults, designed for curious people who are not satisfied by standard answers.